Blue Plaques St Albans Map

Hover over the map pins below to reveal the name of each person commemorated by a Blue Plaque. Click the map pin to view further information for each person.

Blue Plaques St Albans (BPSA) has identified 15 individuals whose contribution to the city and wider community are being recognised by providing a plaque at a building where they lived or worked.  You can view the BPSA nominees here and find the locations on the map below where the plaques are or will be located.  Please note that not all plaques are yet installed but numbers are increasing every month.

ER Hughes, Romeland

Frederick Sander, George Street

Elsie Toms, Normandy Road

Edward Warner, Cannon Street

Awarded the Victoria Cross

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Sarah Churchill, Marlborough Almshouses

Duchess of Marlborough

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Percival Blow, Victoria Street

Arts & crafts architect

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Stephen Hawkin, Hillside Road

Arthur Melbourne-Cooper, Odyssey Cinema

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Film pioneer and cinema builder

Odyssey Cinema was WINNER of the Civic Society’s Plaque 2014

Samuel Ryder, Holywell Hill

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Seed merchant, entrepreneur & golf enthusiast

Originally the office of Samuel Ryder (1858-1936), renowned and celebrated in St Albans and internationally for his Ryders Seeds enterprise, for donating the Ryder Cup to inaugurate the most famous golf competition in the world, and as a prominent local churchman, benefactor and Mayor. Previous management of the hotel have regularly participated in Heritage Open Days and been proud to allow visitors from far and wide to view Samuel Ryder’s office and to hold meetings in it.  27 Holywell Hill represents some of the finest work of notable and prolific St Albans architect Percival Blow (1873-1939) who also designed the adjacent exhibition hall (now Café Rouge) for Samuel Ryder.  Both Grade II listed, the two buildings in strikingly different styles combine well to make an outstanding contribution to the conservation area.

Nathaniel Cotton, College Street/Lower Dagnall Street

Nathaniel Cotton (1706-1788), an early Mental Health Practitioner & Poet who founded his “Collegium Insanorum” on the site at the corner of Lower Dagnall and College Streets

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John Ball, Old Town Hall


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