Often referred to as the ‘City’s Watchdogs’, the Civic Society is the conservation and amenity movement for St Albans. We are a member of the national organisation ‘Civic Voice‘.

Founded in 1961 and part of the nationwide civic society movement, we are a registered charity, number 200330, and a non political  organisation, ready to welcome everyone who cares about the future of St Albans.

So, do join us, maybe to offer to help, or maybe just to show you support our aims. We offer, above all, a chance to be involved and have a say in what our city looks like and how it functions.

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To celebrate our 6oth anniversary we are making grants available to projects that support our aims, see below for more details.

Celebrating St Albans Civic Society’s 60th Anniversary

To help celebrate our 60th Anniversary we are making available some of our funds – up to £6000 – for local schools, Residents’ Associations and community groups to bid for.  If you are currently involved in or planning to start a scheme that will look after and enhance the St Albans built and natural environment- its appearance and/or provides an amenity for local people to enjoy, then you can apply now for a share of the monies being made available. We are making available £100 for each year of the Society’s life, a total of £6000.

How to apply: Please complete the application form available here

More details on 60th anniversary grants information here

Applications should be received by 31 December 2021. The Civic Society Trustees will judge the applications during January and announcements will be made by the end of January 2022, with grants to be made shortly afterwards. The Trustees may award a grant or grants of any amount up to an overall total of £6000.They reserve the right not to award any grant and the Trustees’ decision will be final. We ask that successful applicants should let us know when their projects are completed and should publicly acknowledge the support of the Civic Society.

A Neighbourhood Plan for the centre of St Albans

What is a Neighbourhood Plan and what is it for? Please think about this – a neighbourhood plan normally lasts for 15 years so this is long term and will affect you.

It is a plan developed by the community for a defined area and it has statutory authority and sets out how developers etc. are required to act. It sits alongside the Local Plan but has more detail for that area. So it can set out policies for a range of aspects – for example, sustainable development, transport, community facilities etc. and deliver real benefits. Deciding on the area is vitally important – not only does it define who can be part of the organisation that decides on the policies etc. and then those who are able to vote whether the plan should be adopted, but it also defines the area in which those policies apply. So, if a very narrow part of the City Centre (for example the BID area) is selected to be the Neighbourhood then not only will those outside the area not be able to vote on the plan but any policies set out in the plan (on transport for example) will only apply in that narrow area.

What area is the Neighbourhood for the City Centre area? That is the 64000 dollar question. In a parished area (such as Harpenden) the defined Neighbourhood Area is the Parish area. A large part of St Albans, including the centre, does not have a parish and for such areas the position is much more complicated. It is necessary to consult and reach agreement on what area should be the neighbourhood area and the council will have responsibility for deciding whether this is appropriate, A Neighbourhood Forum made up only of people living or working in, or councillors for, that area will then be responsible for developing the plan.

So, what do you think should be seen as the City Centre Neighbourhood? Is it a very narrow area or should it be larger and more inclusive? Central council wards is one possibility or maybe Residents’ Associations covering the central area. What else? A Steering Group led by BID (now with a Civic Society representative) is coordinating this activity (under the name of City Centre Vision) and will be organising public meetings so please get involved and feed in your thoughts on what a central neighbourhood for St Albans should be. This is your opportunity to firstly influence the shape of this neighbourhood and then to contribute to the plan itself.  Please let us know your thoughts stalbanscivicsociety@gmail.com


Privacy Policy

St Albans Civic Society (‘the Society’) is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of our members. This privacy policy is about the information that we hold from which individuals can be identified (‘Personal Data’);  how we deal with Personal Data; and who we may share it with. You can download the Privacy Policy Statement here

Awards 2021

The Society gave its overall Award to the Cathedral Welcome Centre which also won the Trevelyan Prize.

Commercial Buildings winner: 40-42 London Road


Residential Buildings joint winners: Beaumont Gardens & Barncroft Way

For its Awards, the Society looks for projects that contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the character of St Albans, and achieve the highest standards of architecture, planning, landscaping and civic design. The presentation event took place on 4 October 2021 to recognise projects undertaken in 2019 or 2020. The judgement of the awards team was made on the exterior only with no inside visits being possible because of the Covid pandemic.

Previous years winners and more details here.

What else have we been doing?

A quick update on some of the areas where the Society has been active recently:

  • Charter market: meeting with the Council to discuss the deterioration of the market and the what they are doing to address concerns of residents, traders and retailers
  • George Street: consulting on enhancement proposals and encouraging responses to the County Council consultation on road closures, click here for more details
  • Vintry Gardens: encouraging the Council to address the issues arising from the mud path that has been created in the Gardens
  • Blue Plaques: 16 initial nominees proposed and permission being sought from property owners, click here for more details.
  • Radio Verulam: regular interviews, to listen to previous ones click here  The Society made a donation to help Radio Verulam keep the service running following the impact of Covid and the lockdown.
  • Planning applications, every month we comment on a few applications. Recent examples include: illuminated fascia signs on St Peters Street, UPVC replacement windows in the conservation area, quality of design for new buildings at top end of St Peters Street
  • City Centre Opportunity Site South (CCOSS): For the full history of our involvement with CCOSS, click here
  • Government Consultations: submitting a detailed response to three Government consultation documents in the last few months. Please click on the headings below to read each response:
  • National planning policy framework and model design code
  • Planning for the Future
  • Supporting housing delivery 



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